• White cabinets throughout kitchen with black handles. Including a white island in the middle of the room.

Kitchen Care & Maintenance

You’ve invested a lot of time & resources into your new kitchen, here are some general guidelines for care & maintenance to keep your kitchen beautiful for years to come.

General Cleaning

  • For daily cleaning we recommend warm soapy water (mild detergent)
  • For tougher marks and stains, gradually increase the strength of cleaning products used.
  • Avoid all contact with highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaners, strong abrasives, or products with have high alkaline/pH levels
  • Wipe up spills of highly pigmented products as soon as possible.
White tile splashback with black grout above the white benchtop with black cabinetry
Black drawers with silver handles

General Care

  • Avoid placing hot items directly onto benchtops. A general rule of thumb is that if it something is too hot to hold in your hand for more than a few seconds it is too hot to put on your benchtop. Use a board or cork mat under hot pans or trays.
  • Don’t cut directly onto benchtops, always use a chopping board.
  • Don’t slide heavy items across benchtops
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid pools of water being left on surfaces for long periods of time.
  • Be careful around undermount sink cut outs not to bump heavy pots into the edge of the cut out to avoid chips.

Brand Care

For more specific advice on care and maintenance of particular products please visit the links below or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

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