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Renovate & Revitalize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is where heartfelt memories with friends and family are made. Do you wish your kitchen was functional and practical, while being inviting enough so that the people you care about want to gather to laugh, converse, and enjoy being together? Contact us today and see how Innovative Kitchens can make your kitchen renovation a reality.

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Whether you are looking for the familiarity of a traditional kitchen, the serenity of a coastal kitchen design, the urban functionality of an industrial kitchen style, or the simplicity of a modern kitchen design, Innovative Kitchens can create what you need. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has helped fellow Victor Harbor residents build the new, outdoor, or renovated kitchens of their dreams. You will be surprised at how amazing your remodeled kitchen space can be.

White island, and white upper cabinets on back wall with blue lower cabinets
Japandi style kitchen island

Innovative Kitchens understands that you might feel overwhelmed if you are considering a kitchen renovation. Selecting a design and then finding and scheduling electricians, plumbers, tilers and plasterers is more than you have time for. Don’t worry. You have us to do that for you. We renovate kitchens on the Fleurieu Peninsular and in the Adelaide area.

Talk to us about your kitchen remodel today and start forming precious and priceless memories with those you love.

Our Process

Our simple 5 step process will help you understand your kitchen renovation from start to finish.

Step 1: Getting to Know You and Your Kitchen Space

Call or email our creative design team, and we will schedule a time to meet with you at your home. We want to understand the scope of your kitchen remodel project.

Do your remodelling plans include an outdoor kitchen or additional storage spaces, like a pantry, vanity, or other custom joinery? Let us know. Innovative Kitchens would be happy to explore options to help you complete all these projects in one streamlined process.

Monochrome kitchen with white benchtops and black lower cabinets
Customer viewing different samples at the showroom based between Port Elliot and Victor Harbor

If no structural modifications are required, we can get started the same day. If walls need to be moved or other structural changes are necessary, we will be happy to work with the builder of your choice or recommend a builder to ensure the safety and viability of the proposed modifications.

Before we visit you at your home, we invite you to visit us in our showroom, based between Port Elliot and Victor Harbor. This way, we can acquaint you with the styles and finishes for kitchen remodels we have available. We appreciate that coming to our kitchen showroom requires effort, but you will be happy you came as it will make the rest of the project that much easier.

Step 2: Design and Estimate

Using the measurements and information gathered during our consultation, we will create 3D renderings of your new kitchen.

You will receive estimates that include the cost of any trades or appliances you asked us to include. Don’t forget to ask us about how the flexibility and functionality of Hettich fittings can make your kitchen experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

After you get the estimate and 3D design, you are invited to meet with your designer at our showroom. We can show you detailed drawings and answer any questions you have. Is there something you don’t like or a new idea you want to include? Your designer will be delighted to work with you until both the design and budget of the project are exactly what you want.

Renovated Kitchen with white cabinetry and timber island benchtop
Monochrome kitchen with black cabinetry and white benchtops

Step 3: Sign the Contract and Check Measurements

Once you feel confident that the right design has been selected, we will give you a contract to sign that stipulates the project’s scope, timeline, and budget.

The drawings will be signed off on after the final check, measure, and run-through. Now, the process will begin of transforming your outdated kitchen into an appealing, functional space you will enjoy for decades to come.

Step 4: Installation Week

Generally, it will take between five to eight weeks from the day you sign the contract to make your kitchen in our factory.

Now, the exciting installation week has arrived!

You should generally expect the renovation process to take one week.

  • Monday

    Your existing kitchen is removed. Initial electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work is done.

  • Tuesday & Wednesday

    The installation process begins, and your new kitchen starts to take shape.

  • Thursday

    Appliances arrive and are connected. Final touches are applied.

  • Friday

    The splashback is installed.

Note: Stone benchtops add 10 to 15 working days to the process as they must be measured after the kitchen is installed and take a couple of weeks to manufacture.
Glass splashbacks can also add 10 to 15 working days as they are measured after the benchtop installation and then cut to size, painted, and installed.

White New Hamptons style kitchen

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Kitchen

A newly remodelled kitchen is a great excuse to rediscover your love of cooking, start a morning coffee routine, or host dinners with loved ones. Your kitchen remodel should be celebrated.

Whether you want to invite the entire neighbourhood, spend time with friends and family, or play closet chef, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time in your newly remodelled kitchen.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Innovative Kitchens invites you to enjoy a beautiful kitchen that is functional and tailored to your family’s needs. We are excited to help you build a kitchen that reflects who you are and that is within your budget.

Our kitchen remodel experts have helped families create the kitchens of their dreams for over 30 years. You will not find another kitchen remodel partner that pays more attention to detail, has better craftsmanship, or has a stronger desire to exceed your expectations than us.

Need some help or inspiration for your own new kitchen or renovation?