• Mount Compass Monochrome Kitchen Renovation

Mount Compass Kitchen Renovation

The key goal of the renovation for this family in Mount Compass was to create a highly functional kitchen and open the space to allow freedom of movement in the kitchen. The family of 5 have 3 adult children each with disabilities at home, so it was crucial to customize the design to suit their specific needs.

The original layout of the kitchen had a closed in u-shape with walls surrounding the fridge in the center of the room. This meant that the kitchen was always congested and the view into the living and dining area were obstructed by the walls around the fridge.

Key to our new concept was the removal of the fridge walls, which thankfully were not load bearing, and making a separate island with ample walkways to allow all the family to be in and around the kitchen without being in the way of each other. It was also important that we create a kitchen that looked as beautiful as it was functional for the owners.

Type: Kitchen Renovation

Style: Monochrome & Family Friendly

Price Guide: 20-25K*

Location: Cleland Gully Road, Mount Compass

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* Includes cabinets, tops and splashbacks together with design, supply and installation. Appliances and plumbing / electrical trades are excluded.

Design Features

  • A medication cabinet with a pull-out drawer assigned to each person
  • A single seat on the end of the island for the administration of medication and support one on one to each child
  • Ample work surfaces
  • Bar area with a mirror splash back and feature lighting to connect the kitchen and living area

A contemporary theme of black and white was selected and when the owners fell in love with a benchtop colour that could not be postformed we came up with a solution to use a silver edging to enhance the silver twinkle in the laminate.

The clients are planning to re-paint the whole house in this fresh new colour scheme which will give the Mount Compass property a new lease on life.

Comparison Photos

Interested to see what the kitchen looked like before our renovation?

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